Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DIY Dining Room Transformation!

BEFORE: Our dining room/kitchen is small. I needed to find some more room/cabinets for storage so I talked it over with our contractor (my dad) and this is what we came up with! It was fairly inexpensive but the impact/functionality is priceless!

First, we took all the "stuff" down and out and then measured. We went to our local home improvement store and bought ready-made/stock cabinetry. These were all "unfinished" cabinets they have in the store. We ran into some measurement problems and had to use laundry cabinets in the middle (which actually turned out better than what you were planning on doing - it gives it more interest), but other than that, they worked out pretty well.

We bought some molding to make it look more like a custom piece of cabinetry. We painted it all out in a creamy white and then we sanded to edges to look a little worn. I didn't want this to look like kitchen cabinets, but more like a custom buffet/dining piece. For the counter top, we just got a thick piece of wood and I stained it (instead of spending tons of money on a custom counter top). We cut the panels out of the top cabinets and went and had some glass cut at a hardware store. We then placed the glass inside with some DIY kit from the store and they turned out great! We were also able to put a light inside the top cabinets and underneath the top cabinets so the counter top can be lit.


Decorated for Christmas now, but I love that I can change things out in the top cabinets depending on the season!!!

Happy Mom!

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