Sunday, January 29, 2012

Step by Step - DIY Pillow - Cute and Cozy!~

This was a simple project and it made a drastic change! I love it. All I did was take a plain pillow that was on our white bench, took the cover off and then ironed it. I used my Cricut to cut out the letters I needed (they were 10" tall for this pillow). I put scrap paper inside the cover so the paint didn't bleed through. I then used a pencil to trace around the letters onto a pillow. I used black craft paint for this paint (I didn't want to buy anything else). I just added water to it to thin it out. I then just painted the letters in. I let it dry over night. It turned out really cute! I love it. I can't wait to find some more pillows to do more of this around the house. I have ideas for a lot of the rooms!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sweet Little Note

I opened my "Idea Notebook" this morning and found this little note inside. My daughter always uses a lot of paper around the house, but when I opened my notebook and saw this, it warmed my heart! I am going to frame it or do something special with it. I think it is important to keep some of these things because they grow up so fast and won't be leaving these kinds of notes around!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Daughter Has the Crafting Bug!! YAY!!!!

Gabrielle can spend hours on our art table. She loves to CREATE anything and everything! Her latest CREATION was a Valentine mailbox (made out of paper and recyclables). Let's just say we can go through tape and staples around here like crazy). Inside the mailbox, she had Valentines for me! How sweet and CREATIVE! She comes up with the best stuff! I will start blogging more of what she comes up with! It will inspire CREATIVITY in everyone!

DIY- Big Red Heart for Valentines Day!

I had my husband cut out a heart shape that I drew on a piece of scrap wood we had in the garage. It measures about 2 feet by 2 feet at the widest parts. He then measured equal marks all around the heart and drilled holes about 1 inch wide. I painted the heart red and then I took a polka dot ribbon and threaded it though the holes and tied a bow at the top. I took a striped ribbon and used a staple gun to attach it to the back and that is what I use to hang it up.

Festive Valentine Decoration!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cozy Sweater Pillows!

I have seen tons of sweater pillows in magazines and I love the way they look, BUT........... they are expensive! So, I decided to try and make them myself and I finished my first one today! I started with a flower pillow my mom was getting rid of. I then took an old sweater of mine and cut it up to fit the pillow. Then, I just started sewing the ends together. It turned out pretty cute, but the next time, if I am using a patterned pillow underneath, I will make sure the knit on the sweater is tighter. The sweater I used has some loose knit on it and you can see the red through it. I have to say that it was really pretty easy and the sweater is very forgiving to sew with. Sewing is one thing I am not good at, but this went really well!!

I can't wait to do another one and have a group of these together on the couch!!! The look so COZY!!

Cute DIY Sweet Tart Heart Valentine Decoration For Your Home

I loved this little craft! I bought four wooden hearts at Michaels and painted them Sweet Tart Heart colors. Then, I took red fabric paint (the paint that comes in the squeezable bottles) and on each heart, I wrote the name of our family members. I hot glued a little bow on the top of each heart. Finally, I glued each heart onto a long piece of ribbon and hung it on the wall!

It is hard to find cute Valentine decorations and this one turned out really cute and it was really easy!

Happy Valentines Crafting!!

Cute Valentine Craft That Teaches Colors!!!

I made this book to help teach colors! It was very easy to do and the kids loved to "hunt" for the colors they needed. I stapled papers together to make a booklet. Then, on each page, I drew a colored heart. I cut little squares from construction paper. I put the squares in a pile so the kids had to "hunt" for the color they needed for each page. They glued the squares inside the hearts to fill them up. This way, they are able to keep the booklet and go back through it and learn the colors! Fun project!