Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DIY - Rustic Burlap Pennant Garland

I have seen burlap garland in stores and LOVED it! Of course, after looking them over in the store, I knew I could make one at home! I am not a person who can sew AT ALL, but I thought I needed to "stitch" the "pennants" on so they would last longer?? Some of the stores just had them hot glued on the string (which would be fine), I just wanted mine to last a little longer.

This is what I did:

I made a "pennant" template out of lightweight cardboard. I then took some burlap I had and traced the template on it with a pencil. Then, I cut out the shape.

I cut out 10 of these "pennants".

I took a BIG needle and some neutral yarn an started stitching away! I took some craft rope-like string and folded the top part of the pennant over the string and then just stitched it like the picture shows (I am sure there is a name to this stitch, but I sure don't know what it is).

This is what it looks like all done.

I tried to show the final product in a sunny place. I will be using this for parties and our yard sale this year. I plan on pinning some stenciled letters on the front for whatever occasion it is for! Wouldn't this be cute on a lemonade stand???

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