Sunday, June 24, 2012

Recycled Salad Bowl to Cutest Toadstool for Yard

This was a $1 wood salad bowl I found at a yard sale. I thought it looked like a toadstool when I flipped it over so I had to buy it and take it home! The first thing I did to it was spray paint the entire thing red. 

After the red paint dried, I added white spots all over the bowl using white craft paint.

Lastly, I painted Polyurethane over the entire bowl so that it would hold up in the elements. Then, we had a branch about 5" in diameter fall in the back yard so my husband cut it down to the height of what I thought a toadstool should be (this one was about 1.5') and he just screwed from the top of the bowl into the "stump". I did go back in and cover up the screw with some red paint so it didn't stand out so much. To get it into the ground, we put in on a stake and then put the stake in the ground so the "stump" is actually sitting on the ground. It is the cutest little addition to the yard! I am now on the hunt for a few more wooden salad bowls to make my toadstool garden complete!!!

........found more bowls, painted them some fun colors and repeated the same process as the red one (also changed up the heights of the stumps). I have completed my toadstool garden! This project was so inexpensive, easy and not time consuming (the longest part of it was searching for the bowls, but the hunt is always so much fun). I love a project that comes together easily and makes a HUGE impact! This has added so much to our backyard!

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