Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Old Door Repurposed to Make Corner Shelf

I rescued this old door from a local thrift store. It was $10 and still had all of it's charm. The plate around the door knob was painted brass but you could still see all the character. They just don't make doors like this anymore. I had a before picture, but since I have switched out computers, I have lost some of my pictures. Anyway, my husband cut the door right down the middle - from top to bottom. He used some "L" brackets on the back to "hinge" them together. Then, he added the shelves on the inside. I painted the entire thing out in a creamy white color and then went back in and sanded around the edges to make it look "worn". We had an old door knob in the garage that fit the door handle perfectly! I think that final product is so cute!

Back of shelf

Finished shelf

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