Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bucket of Get Well Wishes

A friend of mine was having surgery, so I thought I would put a little gift together for her while she recovered. 
This is one of those empty paint cans that I decided to "jazz" up for this gift.

I cut scrapbook paper to fit the can.

I added a matching scrapbook paper to the top of the lid as well.

I made a little "tag". It says, "A Bucket of Get Well Wishes"

I added yellow ribbon to the top and bottom edge of the can. I also added felt flowers (with button middles) to the outside of the can.

Here are some of the contents of the can. 

The tag to this little nut mixture says, "breakfast in bed".

This is the Cashmere Glow lotion from Bath & Body Works so my tag read, "You will be 'glowing' again in no time".

A can of beer - "Here's to a speedy recovery. Cheers!"

A small bottle of antibacterial hand soap - "Keep the germs at bay without having to leave the bed."

Gum - "When your throat gets dry"

Cluster candy - "Indulge in some quiet time"

More chocolate - "Take 'pleasure' in a little down time"

Green tea - "Green tea to help flush your blues away"

Chapstick - "Because your lips always feel dry after surgery"

Small candle - "Peace and relaxation"

I also tied a bundle of magazines up and the tag read, "Catch up on some reading"

I just wanted this "bucket" to be a can of sunshine to brighten my friend's day after surgery. Most of these things you may have laying around your house. You can come up with sayings for "tags" for almost anything! I would love to hear what you come up with! 

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