Monday, September 3, 2012

My New Projects - Furniture Face Lifts!

Here are a few pieces that have been waiting for me to bring them to life! Now that the school year is starting, I will have some time to work on these. I am really excited!
I bought this table for $1 at a yard sale. The bottom shelf was broken, but my husband just fixed it by putting a piece right across the bottom of the shelf. The weathered, red look is pretty cute, but I think I want to try something else. I started on the top of it, but am still working on it. I will take final pictures when I am done.

I bought this piece from an antique place that saved some of its stuff from a flood. It was $20. It was all painted white. I have removed the hardware and started painting it a brown color (of course I forgot to take a before picture). I love all the drawers in this. Ample storage piece!!!

I bought this for $10 from my neighbor who is moving out of state. I have not touched it at all yet and remembered to take the before picture! YEAH! I would really like to put a chevron pattern on the front of this so we will see!

Here are the outcomes of these furniture face lifts!

For the small table, I used some mismatched paint I got at Menards for 50 cents. It was a mustard yellow which I didn't like so I took some dark brown (more mismatched paint) and dry brushed that over the edges and all over it. I love the way it looks now!
For the eight drawer chest, I painted it a robin's egg blue and took that same dark brown paint and dry brushed this one. This one came out looking more "old" then the yellow one which looked more like a paint technique.
For the three drawer chest, I painted it the robin's egg blue and then I sanded the entire thing to make it look old and worn. I am so happy with how all of these came out! They will make someones space look extra special!

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  1. The mismatched paint really worked well for the chests! The chests now look like antique furniture. I think placing them in a room with light brown color will emphasize that effect. That wall color will also work for the table. What a creative way to renovate furniture. Way to go, Lindsay!

    Gerry Bossier


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