Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY Dining Table and Benches on the Cheap!!

I have wanted a new table and benches in our dining area for awhile now. I have looked around and found that it was going to cost me way more then I wanted to spend and I wasn't getting everything I wanted and/or needed. So, why not revamp the table we have?? It is the perfect size for our space and it is a real sturdy table. The only thing was that I wanted to get rid of four of the chairs and get benches instead. All the chairs just seemed like too much in the room and I thought benches would be the perfect solution. So, my husband sanded the hell out of our table and got it down to the bare wood!!! I have a picture of my old table in a previous post.

This is our original chair (the table was the same color as these chairs). We had six of these around the table and it was just too much in our small dining room. So, my goal is to have the benches on either side of the table and then two different chairs on the end. I don't want the chairs to match.

Another picture of the chairs we had.
Benches are EXPENSIVE! And, I was having a hard time finding the size we needed. So, instead, my husband made them! We got two benches for around $30 total! Wooo Hooo! Here are some pictures:

He made the benches and I painted the bottom the same color at the table legs. I stained the top of them the same color as the top of the table.

I added the brown paint on top of the gray paint and then wiped it down with a cloth to give it an aged look.

Once I get the other chairs out of there, it will look so much better! I brought the armed chair from our bedroom out and it looks good at the end of the table. I might luck out and only have to find one chair! A brand new table outfit for the dining room on the cheap!~  My kind of redecorating!

I stained the top of the table a dark color and I painted the legs a light gray color and then went over it with some brown to make it look aged.


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  1. That is definitely a bright idea! Making the best of what you have and doing some DIY to make it look unique and new is also a good thing. And the sanding creates a rough texture, which gives the table some rustic charm. But the benches take the cake. They look adorable! And the best part is, you were able to get them at a good deal! [Darryl Margulies]


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