Monday, January 14, 2013

Valentines for Classmates

I thought this would make a cute and different Valentines card for my kid's to hand out to their classmates and the best part is that it didn't cost that much!!!

I think that owls are really cute and there is so much out there right now with the owl motif. When I saw these owl bookmark kits at Halloween time at Target, I thought they were the cutest things. I was not going to pay the $5.00 for them, but knew they would be the first thing I snatched up when all the Halloween merchandise went on clearance (if I was lucky enough to get some before they were gone). I was able to grab enough boxes at 90% off after Halloween for my kids to hand out to their classmates!!!!! I didn't know which holiday I would use them for, but in a previous post, you will see that I decided to do the box of crayons for Christmas. So, the bookmarks are perfect for Valentines Day. Previously, I had purchased "library cards" from one of my favorite crafty sites I thought these library cards would go perfect with the bookmarks!!!!! Brilliant! So, the kids and I sat down and we started putting the bookmarks together. I loved this because it was fun, family time spent together. After we got them done, we had to make them look more "Valentiney" so I cut out little hearts from red contact paper and we stuck them on the owls. Another thing we did was add little plastic flowers (that I also got on for the girls in each class. This made them look a little more "festive" for the Valentine holiday.
On the library cards, I wrote my child's name under the "author" part and then under "title", I wrote "Happy Valentines Day!" Then, under "date checked out", I wrote "2-14-13". On the main lines of the cards, I wrote this: "Hooty Hoot! You are so wise Valentine!"

We glued foam hearts onto the bottom of the card as well to make them that much more festive. My first grader was getting pretty tired, so I wrote most of hers out, but my third grade son should be able to write all of his (we can spread them out over time so he can do a few each night).

I love homemade gifts so much more then store bought and this little project is something the kids can use and it is not candy! ;0)

These are the kits from Target (Halloween)

These are the finished Valentines. We will put the bookmark on the card. You can't really see it, but one has the pink flower on the head and they both have a red heart by their left wing. I think they turned out cute!!!

Happy Valentine's Crafting!!!!

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