Monday, February 13, 2012

"Handmade" Valentine's Gifts

I used the simple homemade lotion recipe of 1 jar vitamin E cream, a large tub of Vaseline and a large bottle of baby lotion (I chose the pink lotion for this one because it was for Valentine's gifts). I mixed all of those together in a bowl with a mixer and then I started "bottling" them. I had my husband drill holes in the lids of the old Mason jars I had. I then inserted recycled pumps I have kept from other "pumped bottles". I added a tag and a ribbon that said, "Hands down, you are a great teacher!". This is what I gave the teachers and then I also made tags that said, "You deserve a hand for being a great 5th grade buddy!" for the 5th grader that helps my kindergartner at school. I also recycled the canister that the Vitamin E cream came in. I just cleaned it out and wrapped it with scrapbook paper and put some paper on the lid and then added a tag and ribbon. Cute and fun "handmade" Valentine's gifts!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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