Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine Scrabble Messages!

I made these for Christmas this year (I blogged those as well) and thought they would be cute for Valentine's Day this year. I painted the stands pink and red and glued the letters on to make cute sayings for Valentine's Day. Some of the words I put on there were: Valentines, We (heart) You, Feb. 14, Yummy (I am going to put this on the Valentines cookies we hand out), XOXOXOXOXOXO. I put little hooks on the sides of each one (my husband just drilled little holes and the hooks just screw right in) so I can tie them easily onto gifts and or cookie trays. There are millions of things you could say with these! Fun little addition to any gift or just a decoration for your desk. Cute way to send a message this Valentine's Day!!!

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