Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Loads of Fun - Homemade Pom Pom Shooter

I have seen "marshmallow shooters" or "pom pom shooters" on the Internet. I thought the kids would love this activity so we tried our own version today.

The shooters I have seen call for plastic cups, balloons, scissors, pom poms or marshmallows. I didn't have the plastic cups, but I always have a basket full of toilet paper rolls and paper towels rolls for crafting and creativity. So, I thought I would cut the toilet paper rolls in half (this was our "cup"). Then, I tied the bottom of the balloons and cut about 1/2" off the top of the balloons. I also used a rubber band to help hold the balloon in place on the roll.

You just put the cut part of the balloon over one end of the roll and then secure it with a rubber band (make sure the tied end of the balloon is coming out at the end). This picture shows what it looks like all put together. Now the fun begins...... put the pom pom or marshmallow inside the roll and then pull back the tied end of the balloon and let go!!!! Sometimes the tied end of the balloon goes inside the roll, but my daughter found out if you just blow inside the roll, it pops right out! What a cheap activity to make and how much fun they had with this! See how fun recycling can be!!!!

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