Wednesday, July 4, 2012

You Think You Are Having a Bad Day......

Just when you think you are having a horrible day, check out this poor bird! He was trying to get into this birdhouse, but his beak got stuck in the wood part of the hole. He was trying and trying and trying to get out and could not do it. Other birds were even coming and pecking at his back (notice the feathers missing off it's back)!! The kids and I felt horrible! I was trying and trying to gently lift it with a broom, but the beak was not coming loose at all!!! I had to call Grampy (my dad) to come and help. I knew I would be too freaked out to grab the bird. (On a side note, Grampy's biggest fear in life is birds, but he has a BIGGER heart!!!)

This is what I saw when we walked out in the back yard. Just a bird going into his house......... right?

Then, it started moving all around and I could tell it's head was stuck! Poor bird was using it's little legs to try and push his head out!

Here Grampy comes to save the day! He just lifted the bird's body and it flew away happily! The end!

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