Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Old Garage Door and Some $1 Finds, Makes Cute Lemonade Stand!

This post gives new meaning to the saying, "If you have lemons, make lemonade!" 

Got an old door you aren't using?? Make a lemonade stand!!!

I took my "message center" that I made with my old garage door (previous posting) and thought it would make a great base for a lemonade stand!!! My husband did all the "labor" just by using what wood we had in the garage.  

The blue window covering I found at a yard sale for $1!!! I also found the chalkboard for $1. I painted the whole thing yellow (it was miss matched paint at our local Menards for $1!!!)

We were using this at our yard sale and so many people loved it and wanted to buy it, but my friend came to the sale early and really wanted it so I sold it to her. Again..... I just love what you can do with things that would otherwise be thrown out!!!! 

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