Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY Cabinet Redo -

I got my "pink" cabinet that I posted about earlier done! I went ahead and painted over it with Dutch Boy Navajo Turquoise paint. I then went over the whole thing with the brown paint to make it look aged. I do this basically with a dry brush. I dip the very tip of my paint bush in the paint and then I really dab it off on a paper towel. I then apply it to the edges and kind of all around. If I get too much on there, I take the paper towel and wipe it off. It is really fool-proof and I love the outcome!!! If you saw this piece in my previous post it was pink and it also had a hideous silver knob on the drawer. We had this OLD door knob in the garage and my husband was able to make it work for the drawer knob! I use it in my porch to house all our blankets!!!!

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