Sunday, December 16, 2012

Reuse Bath and Body Works Shipping Box as Cute Gift Box

I am loving the large checkered/gingham pattern on the Bath and Body Works store bags. But, when I got a box from them in the mail the other day (I made an order online) I was happily surprised! I opened the plain brown box to find that the inside of the box was the same pattern in red!! I had to use this for a gift box. I cut one side of the box and then taped it back together (inside out, so the gingham was now the outside of the box) and then I put the entire box together. I put the gift inside, taped it up and added some ribbon! The box is so cute all on it's own - no wrapping paper! Great way to reuse the box to and save on wrapping paper!

Happy Wrapping!!!

Cut one side of the box so it is flat like this and then you can easily put it back together so the pattern is on the outside.

I taped this edge that I cut, back together and then just put the box together.

Added some ribbon and viola!

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