Monday, February 25, 2013

Easy St. Patty's Day Math Activity to Teach Numbers, Counting and Much More

This is an easy activity to set up for the kiddos to do! It helps with number recognition, counting and even shapes and colors.

I cut out 5 pots of gold from black construction paper. Then I cut out some "gold" from yellow paper. I took some mailing labels that I had and wrote the numbers 1-5 on them. I also used a square hole punch to cut out green "leprechaun" squares. I told the kids that the leprechauns had left us a project they needed up to complete.

The kids glued the "gold" (yellow construction paper) on the top of the black "pots of gold". Each child had 5 pots of gold.

These are the green leprechaun squares (using square hole punch).

I wrote the numbers 1-5 on these "circle" mailing labels.

The kids glued green squares onto each pot of gold. Since they had 5 pots, one pot had one square, another pot had two squares and so forth up to 5 (it is hard to see the lime green squares on the yellow paper in this picture).

This is a better picture to show them gluing the squares on the pot.

The child then counted the squares on the pot and then had to find that corresponding number on the mailing labels and put it on the pot.

It really was a fun project for the kids and it took some time for them to do. I would love to hear what kind of St. Patty's Day activities you are doing with your kids!

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