Thursday, February 28, 2013

Homemade Leprachaun Trap

I have been making "leprechaun traps" with my kids every year. This year, my kids are getting older and so I didn't know if they would want to do one. To my surprise, I went down to the art table the other night and they were both working on their traps! I was so thrilled! I love it when they are creative and to know that all these years, making the traps with them, they still wanted to do them. Check out what my son made!!!!!

We are all hoping that this will be the year that we catch these little guys!!!!

Here is my daughter's trap:

It consisted of two "rooms" that were connected by a tunnel.

She made a table and chairs out of paper and gave them some mini marshmallows and Lucky Charms to eat.

The second room consisted of a bathroom and a bed.

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