Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A New Take of the Easter Egg Hunt -Fun Learning Game for the Kiddos

It is spring break this week in our school district and I wanted to come up with a fun game for the kiddos to play. I wanted a game that incorporated some learning/review from school, but also fun to keep their attention. I had different aged kiddos here so I had to make it "fit" to everyone.

This is what I did:

I took some small pieces of paper and came up with 26 different learning/review questions and/or statements. Here are some of them I used (you could come up with a billion if you had the time):
  • name three fruits
  • name a jungle animal
  • count to 65 by 5's
  • name the city you live in
  • I drew a picture of a clock and then asked what time it said
  • the person who writes books is called a what?
  • write your phone number
  • what is half of 10?
  • what two colors make purple?
  • if there are 5 bunnies and they each have three jelly beans, how many jelly beans are there in all?
  • how many ways can you spell "to"?
  • write three ways to show the number 3
  • 7+____ = 12
  • write a complete sentence
  • what does a sentence start with?
  • what is this "?"?
  • show the tally marks for the number 12
  • write your address
After I wrote each one down, I put it inside a plastic Easter egg. I then took a permanent marker and numbered all the eggs. I split the kids up into teams and gave each team a clip board with a piece of notebook paper numbered 1-26 (the number of eggs I had). I hid the eggs around the house. The difference in this hunt is that you have to go around with your team, find an egg, read the paper inside and write your answer on the corresponding line on the notebook paper and then finally, PUT THE EGG BACK so the other team can get to it. The team that finds all the eggs and answers them wins! At the end of the hunt, I read aloud each question and each team said what they had! This turned out to be a fun game and the kids didn't even know they were working on reading, writing, teamwork, basic skills, listening and so much more!!! You could make this as big or small as you wanted to. You don't even need teams, just do it with a few kids. And, you can adjust it to any level!

This was the pile of eggs at the end of our hunt!

Showing you what I did with clip board and notebook paper for their answers.

All of the kids loved the game!

I would love to hear if you tried this at home and if your kids had fun with it too!

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