Sunday, March 31, 2013

Things To Do With Left Over Plastic Easter Eggs

Everyone has tons of plastic Easter eggs left over after Easter . I came up with a small list of different things we have done in the past with the eggs after the season.  

Here are some of those ideas:

  • The eggs are great to use as scoops in a sand box or dirt pile. You can't imagine how well a plastic egg can move dirt! Just think of the egg castle you could make at the beach!
  • Guessing game anyone? Fill the eggs with different things (feathers, coins, marbles, beads, rocks, etc.) and have your kids gently shake them and guess what is inside! My kids love this!
  • They are perfect in a play kitchen because the kids can actually tap them and "break them open". My daughter loves to use these instead of the wood ones because the wood ones aren't as "interactive".
  • They make for "egg-cellent" little bug catchers in the spring and summer. They are small enough that little hands can hang on to them and a lot of them come with small holes on the ends which make great air holes for the little creatures inside.
  • Speaking of bugs ........... get crafty! These bright little eggs would make great bugs! Add some googly eyes, puffy paint and/or permanent markers and let your imagination fly!
  • My daughter is into Lego Friends and she has tiny little pieces so we use the eggs to keep all these pieces together (this would work for small Barbie accessories too). Put them inside an egg carton to keep it all together.
  • They make great molds for clay and play dough play.
  • In the summer, we have thrown them in our bags when we head to the splash pad. Just an extra toy that they can use in the water.
  • You can donate them to any place that hosts an Easter Egg Hunt each year.
  • You can bring them out in the summer and have a educational egg hunt like the one I posted about here. This is a fun way for the kids to get in a review without doing boring worksheets!
These are just a few ideas that we have used in the past that I thought you might find useful.

What do you do with your extra eggs after Easter?

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