Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Inexpenisve St. Patricks Day Teacher Gift Idea

I am always trying to come up with inexpensive ways to show our teachers how much we appreciate them. I try to do a little something each time a holiday rolls around. St. Patrick's Day is going to be here before we know it so we want to tell our teachers how "lucky" we are to have them!

I was in Bath and Body Works this past weekend and they have little St. Patty's Day hand sanitizers for $1. I bought one for each teacher (B&BW has tons of coupons out there that you can use with to make your purchase even sweeter!).

I think I came up with a cute little "thank you phrase" to go along with the sanitizer: "We are so lucky that you are "handy" at teaching!" For the helpers in the class, I wrote, "We are so lucky that you are so 'handy' at helping us!"

There were packages of these shamrocks on the $1 bin at Target. I just added some glue and put the "tag" on the shamrock.


I hole punched the shamrock and then I took the bottle of sanitizer and laid it on the back of the shamrock. I then took packaging tape and put it over the bottle and then to the shamrock so it would stay. I put a green ribbon in the hole so that we could hang them from the teachers door handles to their rooms.

The total cost is maybe $1.10 for each teacher! Cheap, but yet, it is a nice little gesture to say thanks on St. Patty's Day!

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