Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Earth Day Fun For Kids and Families

Earth Day is fast approaching and I think it is a perfect time to challenge yourself and you family to be more "earth friendly". On the way to school today, I opened up a discussion with my kids about Earth Day to hear what they had to say. My daughter said "It is the day we celebrate Earth's birthday!" (too cute). We talked a little about conserving energy and other ways we can help protect our earth. My son said, "I think we should keep all lights off and no TV for the entire day on Earth Day!" I said, "Wow, do you think you can do it?" His reply was, "I am up for the challenge".

My blog is full of ways that I repurpose, recycle and upcycle things that would have otherwise went to the landfill. I love a good trash to treasure story and I can't pass up on ANYTHING that I think I can do something with! ;0)

Below, is a small list of some of those projects. All of these things were either found on the curb or it was something we weren't using anymore as it's main purpose (we needed a new garage door so we turned our old one into a lemonade stand!!!) so we repurposed it for something else.
I love incorporating a holiday/event to teach the kids something new and fun and to also base our activities around it. Below is a list of some great activities you can do with your kiddos on Earth Day:
Another way to incorporate Earth Day is to talk to your kids about recycling and repurposing. And, always have recycled "stuff" on hand. I keep a basket full of toilet paper rolls, wipe tubs, egg cartons, tops to squeezable applesauce, Kleenex boxes, etc. right by the art table. The kids are able to use it for crafts and projects. Here are some of their recycled creations:
A great way to get the whole family involved in an Earth Day activity is a scavenger hunt! I planned one for my family and everyone loved it (even my hubby!). It is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature and all that it has to offer! Check out our scavenger hunt here.

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