Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Italian Dr. Suess Themed Snack

My kiddos had a snow day today so we were coming up with all kinds of things to do! We painted snow, we read some Dr. Seuss books, we did some Dr. Seuss crafts and then my daughter wanted a Dr. Seuss snack. She ate the rest of the strawberries yesterday so I couldn't do the banana and strawberry Cat in the Hat snack, so we went hunting through the fridge for more red and white foods! We came up with the Italian version of a Cat in the Hat snack! We took toothpicks and first stuck a black olive on it and then we alternated pepperoni and string cheese that I had cut up! Fantastico!

So easy! The kids can do this themselves! Set up a station and let them build their own hats!

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