Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fat Free - High Protein Ranch Dressing - Fooled My Kids

My son loves ranch dressing, but I hate all the fat in it!!! He will only eat carrots if he has ranch to dip them in. So, I found a great solution!!!! I use plain Greek yogurt (the yogurt pictured here is vanilla. I didn't have any plain left, but I wanted to get this post out), skim milk and Hidden Valley Ranch Dips dry packet (I use the ranch one for the ranch dip, but I have used the other Dip packets for other dips and they come out just as great!). I mix them together to the consistency that I like (pour the milk slowly because it will thicken) and keep it in a covered dish in the fridge. After my son tried it for the first time, he said it was the best ranch he has ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mission Accomplished!! 

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