Monday, May 21, 2012

Redecorating Son's Bedroom

It has come the time to redo Landen's bedroom (or at least, I wanted another excuse to redecorate and have another project going on at the house). My dad built him his loft bed when he was four and Landen has outgrown it (and a friend of a friend has been begging me to sell his loft bed so her son can have it........ so that also helped push this project along).
This is the loft bed my dad made for Landen when he was four.

This is a before picture of his room as we were taking apart the loft bed.

Another before picture looking at the closet.

Before picture (we were able to save this dresser and put it in the closet for more space).

I chose a pale gray/blue color for his room to lighten is up a little bit.

We reconfigured his closet and built shoe cubbies on the right hand side and put his dresser in their as well. I painted it a darker blue and then painted a star on the front of it using the color of the walls.

I was going to have open cubbies as the base of his bed, but since we were able to keep his dresser, I decided against it. I knew he was going to have enough storage space. My dad built this bed for him and then we bought stock cabinets (that have four drawers each) to fit on each end of the bed.

This is how the closet turned out. He has plenty of storage for hanging clothes and also has space for his shoes where he can see them. The dresser fits right in there for all his folded clothes. He also gained eight drawers with the cabinets on the sides of his new bed.

I stained all the wood a dark color. I love how it turned out. He has plenty of storage in there. I still need to find a curtain and also a rug for his room. I also want to change out his bedspread, but that might take awhile so I wanted to get this post out sooner than later. I will try and post more pictures to this post when we get it totally done.

This picture gives a better light. I think I am going to repurpose this old ladder in his room to hang coats on. I want to add some hooks to it and then he can hang things on it.

This room was pretty easy to do and we didn't spend tons of money. I hope this gives you some ideas for your little one's room! Keep me posted and let me know how your decorating journey is going!

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