Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Scrabble Coasters - Great Gifts for Any Occassion

I have seen the Scrabble coasters on Pinterest and I thought it would be a great gift for someone for a wedding. I found that I liked the size better of a 5x5 tile coaster. I had just seen them with 4 letter words. So, I came up with some "wedding" words and made a set of six for a friend of mine who is getting married. I had my husband cut small squares out of thin board to glue the tiles on. I painted the backs of them black.

The words I used for the wedding tiles were:
  • their names, first, last, their kids' names
  • date and year of the wedding, bride, groom, loved
  • share, kiss, talk, relax, often
  • boy, meets, girl, the, end
  • happy, cozy, ours, heart, home
  • toast, laugh, dance, smile, dream
(for the words that weren't five letters, I just used a blank one or turned a letter tile over).

I loved the way these turned out that I made a set for my sister because they just moved into their new house.

The words I used for the new house were:
  •  party, times, games, food, drink
  • paint, blood, sweat, tears, house (they built a lot of their house themselves so that is where these words came from)
  • plant, grow, weeds, trees, path
  • home, cozy, quiet, place, woods
  • relax, enjoy, toast, dream, laugh
  • I then used their last name, zip code, town they live in and state

I will be making these again. I think they are a great handmade gift that can be personalized for any occasion! Happy Tiling!

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