Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rainbow Caterpillar Behavior Chart

I wanted to come up with a "behavior chart" this summer for the kids. I thought a rainbow caterpillar would be cute. I cut out circles of each color of the rainbow. I made his head white. Each morning, I will have a trivia question for the kids to answer and then they also have to find our "Benny the Bee" (something I started last summer that they keep begging to bring back. I just colored a picture of a bee and I hide him around the house each night. Then, each morning they find him). When they have done both of these things, they need to put their clothes pin (they will each have a clothes pin with their name on it) on the caterpillars head (start). This is where they will start each day and depending on how they behave, they will move their clothes pin accordingly.

This is what I made the colors represent:

White = Start
Red = STOP! This means they have not had a good day at all
Orange = WARNING!
Yellow = Slow Down
Green = Your headed in the right direction
Blue = Keep up the great work
Purple = WOW! You are doing fabulous!

I like this idea because it gives the kids a "visual" on how they are doing. They will want to work hard to watch their pin climb the caterpillar.

It is a magnetic wall under the caterpillar and Mr. Potato Head has invaded that space at the moment!

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