Monday, May 21, 2012

Fun Teacher's/Helpers Thank You Gift

I try to come up with fun thank you gifts each year for the teachers and helpers at my kids' school. This year, I was at Dollar Tree and came across these cute totes! I couldn't believe they were only $1! They are made out of strong material and you can easily personalize them! (I am hitting myself for not buying a lot more. A lady came in behind me and asked which aisle I got them in. She bought every last one of them!!!!).

They came in all different colors too!!!

Inside the bags, I came up with different "gifts" to say thanks. Attached to each gift, I put a tag on them describing what it was. This is what I had in this particular bag (which was for my daughter's fifth grade buddy).
  • 8 pack of Sprite (the little cans) - the tag reads, "You were the sp'rite' choice for me"
  • Pocket size Kleenex - the tag reads, "Thank you for getting me Kleenex when I needed them at church"
  • Strawberry Chapstick - the tag reads, "I couldn't have 'picked' a better buddy"
  • Box of Junior Mints - the tag reads, "You were 'mint' to be my buddy"
  • Box of Sweet Tarts - the tag reads, "Thank you for being such a sweetheart"
  • 2 packs of Trident Splashing Mint gum - the tag reads, "Hope you have a 'splashing' summer"
  • Pocket size hand sanitizer - the tag reads, "Thank you for always holding my hand"
  • Bag of Swedish Fish - the tag reads, "You were o'fish'ally the best 5th grade buddy"
  • Water Bottle with Snapple single-serve tea powders inside - the tag reads, "Here's to a refreshing summer"
  • Small notebook (that we decorated with scrapbook materials) - the tag reads, "Everyone should take note on what a great buddy you were"
  • Beach ball - the tag reads, "Thank you for playing dodge ball with me"
I had my daughter write her a thank you card as well and we stuck a pink felt flower (in picture - got them out of $1 bin at Michaels) to the card. I think they came out really cute and they are all things that they can use. Hopefully this helps you get your creative juices flowing. I would love to hear how yours came out!!!

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