Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Boredom Jar

I am dreading the summer days when I am going to hear, "I'm bored!" So, this year, I have invented the "Boredom Jar". I have been thinking about this for the past couple of months. Whenever I come up with an idea, I write it down. My goal is to fill the "Boredom Jar" with so many ideas and things to do that it will make the cry, "I'm bored" a little less daunting for me.

Here are some of the things I have come up with so far:
  • Make a tent
  • Play hide and seek
  • Make costumes or put on dress up clothes and put on a play
  • Write a menu for what you want for dinner
  • Make a fairy house outside
  • Search for fossils in the rocks around our plants
  • Write a story about a summer vacation
  • Draw an ocean picture
  • Make a Lego creation
  • Find 10 different leaves
  • Set up a tea party
  • Make up a dance
  • Read a book
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Play a board game
  • Come up with an art project (or ask me for one to do)
  • Find things that start with the letter "t"
  • Play restaurant (design menus, set the tables, name your restaurant, etc.)
  • Play beauty shop
  • Write a summer letter to Santa (he is not so busy right now)
  • Find your way through a maze (I have a book of mazes)
  • Do a worksheet (I have plenty of these on hand for the kids to do over summer)
  • Make a rock sculpture
  • Invent and design a new toy
  • Invent your own game
  • Ride your bike
  • See if mommy needs help with anything (I am thinking about adding this a few times so it gets picked more than once)
  • Find five different bugs
  • Make a crazy hat
  • Clean your room
  • Try to catch a butterfly
  • Go to the creek (near our house)
  • Play a card game
  • Play a computer game
  • Write a story about your favorite toy
  • Design an obstacle course
  • Find something outside for each color of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, brown, gray, white)
  • Shoot 50 baskets
  • Water the plants
  • Write a scary story
  • Pick up sticks and put in fire pit
  • Measure the following items: blade of grass, stick, leaf, flower petal, your thumb, rock, your foot, three items of your choice
  • Look and see what the clouds are shaped as - what do you see?

I will still be coming up with ideas until the summer months and beyond. I think I have a good start, but you never can be too prepared! I hope this list helps you this summer!! I would love to hear what your ideas are and how this works for you!

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